Spotlight Media Group, Inc (the Company or Spotlight) is everything a business or an individual need to market themselves effectively and efficiently all under one roof. If you thought Hootsuite or other social media management applications were good, wait until you hear about why we believe our ‘Social Compass’ platform is the future of social media management.

What is the most important thing on social media? Traffic (think visitors, followers, likes, tweets and retweets).

Our Social Compass platform is unique in that it goes beyond social media account management and helps DRIVE organic traffic to users’ own websites faster, easier, and more effectively than competing platforms. We believe that Social Compass has the potential to fundamentally change how businesses market and sell their products through Social Media.

Every individual and company in any industry or sector can use Social Compass without having to pay huge amounts of cash to outside agencies to manage their social media marketing campaigns. The result? Getting more out of their marketing budget by keeping it in-house and spending it to attract new followers, customers and clients instead of on outside support.

With 30 million small businesses throughout North America who can all benefit from better, more affordable Social Media management, we have an enormous market to tap into. After North America, the ultimate goal is to expand our product globally which translates to truly impressive financial projections that we believe are realistically achievable and create a compelling ROI for investors.

Our competitors include Hootsuite, valued at $1bn in 2014 with 16 million users today and Sprinklr, estimated to be $1.8bn in 2016 by its founder. Social Compass is better, but what good is a great product if no one knows about it?

Spotlight is seeking 1 million USD to help us market and promote this great product.

Some important Success Indicators for Spotlight: