Professional Editing

Our Spotlight experts specialize in a range of retouching / editing services including Real Estate, Wedding, Portrait, Product, Food and Restoration. With over 18 years experience we aspire to produce an image that reflects your vision. [ view examples, before and after ]


All Spotlight editors are passionate and dedicated to their craft. Our team utilizes the most up to date industry standard software such as Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Lightroom, Camera Raw, and Adobe Premiere. Put simply we are just a bunch of artistic geeks! [ view examples, before and after ]

Spotlight Standard VS Custom Profiles

Spotlight Express

Take the guesswork out of it! Let our professional editors and their expert eye to determine the look and style to use based on Spotlights guidelines.

Custom Profiles

We take the time with you to build a custom profile to match your style. Work with one of our professional editors and have the peace of mind knowing we will deliver the images the way you want them.

100% Guarantee

Unlimited changes! We are committed to making you look good. Whether it is exactly what you want on the first go or on the fifth revision we are here to make your images the way you want.

Time for yourself

Why waste time doing tedious tasks like Culling?* Use your time doing what you love. You shoot the images, let us do the rest.

  • over 4,148,428 photos edited
  • 20+ years experience
  • over 48,685 customers served
  • user-friendly ordering and custom service platform