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Having a social media presence is becoming increasingly important. In 2020, large platforms are changing the way they measure engagement. Instagram and Facebook have taken away public likes, signaling for brands to look beyond surface-level stats. Instead, looking to social listening will help long term goals in the long run. Find out what your clients want, and how you can help deliver that. 

If you’re not a fan of social media, you might be wondering where the benefits really are with having one. Why bother with it? Because it’s where your customers are. In 2020, Statusbrew reported that there are 321 million new users on social media, making the total now exceed 3.8 billion. These are numbers you risk missing out on without having a social media marketing plan. 

So how can having a social media strategy influence your business? Read on to find out. 

Building a Social Media Strategy

With social media acting as a great touch point of contact between brand and consumer, you have the ability to deliver value through friendly visuals or quick bits of information. We’ve created 4 major steps to consider when creating a marketing plan for social media. 

4 Step Plan


Determine your customers. Look at the demographics you want to target, where they come from, the different age, location, professions, and things they care about. Then, ask yourself, what makes your product or service unique? This can be used as a selling point to stand out from your competitors. 


Once you have listened to your target audience, take time to look at creating a plan. Some things to consider are your business objectives and level of priorities. Whether you want to increase revenue, decrease cost, or gain more public exposure. Next, looking into how you can promote brand awareness and maintain relationships with customers. A great first step is by connecting through social. Making a business account and posting a mix of personal life promotions as well as business successes will bring a mix of attention to your page. This maintains your position as a realtor, as well as who you are outside of work that makes you more personable. 


From here, determine how you want to work through these plans. Social media can help build and communicate with customers or followers. Now that you’ve already listened to them and found out what they want, you can deliver on those expectations. But it’s important to have a way to measure the results. This could be through email subscriptions, leads journey, website traffic, and downloads from any free content you offer. 


After everything has been settled, the next step is to come up with what kind of content you want to use. Polls, behind the scenes imagery, blog, industry news, discounts, reviews, recommendations, day-in-the-life, tips, infographic, quotes, staff news, asking for advice, memes, sneak peeks, free eBooks, networking opportunities, and more. Also consider what kind of social media platforms you want to market on. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram, or a blog. 

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