Marketing Strategies for Property Management Companies

With the digital age we’re in, the way to market property management companies is always evolving. What once consisted of print, Yellow Pages, TV commercials, and telemarketing have almost entirely been done away with. Now more than ever, it’s important to stay on top of a digital marketing strategy. 

If you’re new to online marketing, it can seem like a lot to take on. This article is designed to make it more approachable and assist with your business standing out, targeting new audiences, bringing in leads, and overall boosting revenue. 

Even better, these top 5 tips can all be done without a huge marketing budget. Use these to get ahead in the property management industry, so that you can have major success for your business.

Marketing a Property Management Company

1. Develop a Keyword Marketing Plan

Keyword research is finding specific words or phrases that your potential clients type in on search engines. To do this, there’s multiple tools you can use. From Google Keyword Planner, to full SEO programs like Moz or Ahrefs, you can find the right tool to suit your business or service. 

Once you find the right keywords, use them inside your content. This drives up traffic to your site by allowing search engines to look for a searcher’s phrase, and then Google will find it in your website, leading people to click on your site for answers.

2. Research Your Competition

After creating a marketing plan for keywords, the next step is to look at your competitors. This is how you can see what is currently happening in your market, and what is the most successful. 

Per Upkeep Media, ask the following questions when analyzing your competition:

  • What is your competition doing well in the search engine arena?
  • How active are they on social media?
  • How effective is their website or blog content?
  • How active are they on YouTube?
  • Which customer segments are they targeting?

3. Write Content

We mentioned keywords earlier, and the importance of incorporating them into your website to gain traffic. If you’re wondering where you’d put the keywords, that’s where content comes in. Even if you have the right keywords, creating high quality content that is informative, interesting, and hits your target audience is how your site can grow. To get eyes on what you’re writing, make sure it addresses an issue and then provides a solution. Next step is promoting your content. You can further your marketing plan by following any of these strategies:

  • Share your posts on social media platforms
  • Connect with other blogs in real estate or property management
  • Guest post on sites that connect with your business

4. User Experience

How someone visits your site reacts to it is important. This means their experience—from the easiness to navigate through your site, to how quickly it loads—can impact your ratings when it comes to Google showing your page in search results. Also consider setting up a Google+ business page. This can make your information easily accessible from one place. Your clients can also leave reviews, which can be used to generate leads. 

5. Implement Social Media

Social media hosts millions to billions of users. Major platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, and YouTube are on the world’s top 30 highest-trafficked sites. This gives you a plethora of new users to contact, connect with, and eventually turn into clients.

Marketing Strategies to Boost Your Success

If you take these 5 property management marketing tips and use them, you can generate significant traffic and leads. But don’t stop there—as you get more familiar with online marketing, you will be able to create a healthy online presence. You don’t need a large budget, but investing the time to get started can make your business successful.