Property Management Marketing Ideas

When it comes to marketing for property management, attracting new clients is a top priority for most, if not all, businesses. If you’re looking for property management marketing ideas, we have compiled a list of what top companies are using, and how you can incorporate them into your own marketing. 

In this formatted step-by-step process, you can find out how to create value in your product and company, and turn someone from a lead into a client.

First, make something of value that property owners can use to improve their knowledge. For example, an online eGuide or report that markets to your audience will offer value while also increasing your engagement and reach. You can write a white paper and make it available for download. The lead would fill out a form, such as their name and email, which allows them to download the report and provides you with their contact information. 

Next, focus on creating a captivating website. How your website looks says a lot about your brand. It’s one of the first places a lead will go to find out and explore your company. Resident 360 lists some top elements that you should make sure looks professional:

  • High-quality imagery
  • An about page dedicated to you, your staff, and/or company mission
  • Easy to fill out contact forms
  • Clear directions on how visitors can contact you
  • FAQs
  • Testimonials

Think about your website as a reflection of your brand. An updated and well-executed website will speak highly of your property management business. 

With a website in place, you can now turn your attention to establishing a content plan. Most property management companies start strong with social media, blogs, and other live updates, but as time goes on they can get pushed to the side. What’s important is keeping up consistently over time. How can you do that?

Start by writing down a calendar with goals for your company. Make them realistic and time-sensitive. If you’re wondering what kind of content you can use, start here:

  • Guest posts from other sites/businesses (a great way to cross-promote)
  • Infographic
  • How-to blog article
  • Guide books
  • Video about your property
  • Polls
  • Interviews
  • Newsletter
  • Quotes

You might be so busy with running other aspects of your business, that social media seems to get swept aside. If you’re looking to maintain that necessary online presence, but also be as efficient as possible, then one thing to do is repurpose old content to social media posts.

Resident 360 once again has a good piece of advice on how to do this, saying, “Let’s say you hold a webinar on property management. You can then take that webinar recording and have it transcribed. . . Now that you have the transcription and webinar recording, you can make it a blog post. You can pull elements out of it for social media. You could even strip the audio for a podcast.”

You should now be on the way to having an established property management marketing plan. Next in completing your strategy is to start using paid ads. This is the fastest way to deliver traffic to your site. Look into what kind of ads you want to make, be it Google ads or Facebook. Run targeted ads using keywords that will show up when people are looking for property management services. 

In summary, the most important thing to do is offer value and remain consistent. Test out the marketing ideas for property management companies with your team, and find what works best for you.