Real Estate Social Media Messages to Send Clients

In today’s digitally growing world, how a brand interacts with their following on social media says a lot about their company and customer service. To establish touchpoints that create meaningful connections, social media plays a vital role. While it can be a great tool to solve complaints and respond to messages, social media can also help build lasting relationships and brand loyalty. 

SproutSocial conducted a study of the power of social media, where they found that:

  • 91% of people believe in social’s power to connect communities
  • 78% of consumers want brands to help people connect through social
  • 76% of respondents were more likely to buy from a brand they felt connected to on social media than a competitor

They also discovered that when a consumer feels connected to a company, over half increased their spending with that brand.

With all that said, what kind of real estate messages can you send to clients to build a connection? 

Post High-Value Content

To gain and upkeep a following, you must be posting relevant content. Even if a brand buys from you, they may not follow your social accounts unless they see an additional value in doing so. New releases, promotions, flash sales or updates are some of the benefits you could offer. Listen to what your following is asking for and try your best to deliver. If you’re wondering how you can generate content that your audience will want to see, Spotlight Media Group’s Social Compass is a real estate marketing tool that will post to all social media at once, keeping your social media accounts updated. You can try it free with our 30-day trial now. 

Respond to What You Hear

Listening to your client base is key, but the next important part is how you follow up. According to Convince and Convert, 32% of customers expect a response within 30 minutes online. If you fail to meet their concerns, it may grow and become a bigger problem. Quick responses give people the convenience they want, and builds your brand’s trust. 

Humanize Your Brand

Social media is a great place to develop a company’s tone of voice. Humans connect best with other people, not just a faceless corporation, so giving your followers an insight into the people behind the company can help grow your following. Some ways to do this is by:

  • Featuring your staff, with their bio, name, and story.
  • Use a friendly tone in your messaging, with emojis that fit your brand. 
  • Take part in trends and discussions that your targeted audience and customers are interested in.

In addition to developing a style, video is a great way to increase engagement and provide insight into your business. One option is to use Facebook Live or Instagram Live, where you can immediately respond to an audience. This offers transparency, and provides a real view into your company. Do Q&A sessions with your team, behind-the-scenes and more. 

Host Giveaways

By hosting giveaways, you can build customer relationships and show your appreciation for them. It also boosts engagement and gets eyes on your brand, especially if you offer extra entries if people share on their newsfeed, or tag a friend. This rewards your client base and makes them more interested in your product or service. You can also show off your clients by featuring a case study or other service you did for them. If you’re a realtor, take a picture with your clients when they buy a house. Using these tips can help secure your footing in real estate, and curate social media messages that you can use for clients.

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