What Does Spotlight Media Group Offer?

Spotlight Media Group offers several different services that can help make your small business easy to manage. You can focus on your day-to-day, and let us help grow your brand. Check out the list of our services below, and find which ones work best for your needs:


Social Compass takes the hassle out of posting to your social media. Our game-changing content library contains a plethora of subjects for you to choose from. You can then set up an automatic posting schedule for all your social platforms, or create your own content. Social Compass uses a branded header with your logo and name, establishing awareness of your product among your social media followers and improving your website’s SEO.


Spotlight Concierge marketing services provide businesses with all of the marketing tools needed for self-promotion. For realtors, receive an automatic tour creation, property microsite, email blast, brochure creator, YouTube, and our unique tour window. Choose from a variety of options in tiered packages designed to suit your needs, ranging from Spotlight Media providing you with the tools you need and letting you take control, to turning it all over to our team of dedicated experts.


Our custom designed websites feature moving backgrounds and an easy to use drag-and-drop interface, competitively priced and built to tell your story to your customers. They are an ideal way to showcase our Photography and Cinematic Video services, or your own assets, and are designed to integrate seamlessly with Social Compass. Spotlight Media Group’s custom websites have full IDX integration.


Spotlight began as a real estate photography company, with a philosophy to capture a home in a way that makes potential buyers want to live there. Now those services are available to all industries, whether you need to photograph your products for display on your website, stills of your office or team, or want a montage of your services to promote your company to investors. Just as a travel magazine allows a reader to imagine themselves on a beach in its pages, Spotlight’s photography allows your customers to visualize themselves with your products.


With streaming video quickly becoming the best way to market not only real estate, but companies of any kind, Spotlight Media Group takes it a step further by expertly and professionally filming your business, office, products, manufacturing or production facility, and whatever makes you unique. Use our video in marketing efforts, put it on the background of your Spotlight Media custom website, or take it a step further and let us make it into a presentation that your customers will never forget.